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Guangzhou Mestract Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. is located in No.3, Nanli Road, Nanpu Village, Shiji Town, Panyu District, covering an area of more than 30,000 square meters, which is globalized OEM, ODM and OBM services enterprises integrating research and development of cosmetics raw materials, development of formula, processing and production with complete set of marketing planning services.

Guangzhou Mestract Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. has more than three hundreds of on-duty employees and a management team with more than sixty staff. The perfect production and operational system, sophisticated facilities of research and development and production, and limitless scientific and technological innovation, and make us full of confidence, and we are making unremitting efforts to achieve the target of creating the world excellent cosmetics factory step by step.

With the thorough understanding for the Asian skin and Chinese market, Mestract followed the great prospect of “ Creating the Beauty for the World”, and stuck to the core values of “ Operation with Good Faith, Pursuit for Excellence, Scientific and Technological Innovation, People-Oriented” , we are making great efforts to provide values for terminal customers by investment in infrastructure equipment, the application, research and innovation of bio- and nano-technology, and the constant upgrading of services and strength.

Mestract is located in the Shiji Town, Panyu District of Guangzhou, covering an area of nearly 30,000 square meters and is the model production base with internationalized standards. The Mestract company has established complete and perfect management departments and operational systems, such as General Manager Office, Technological Research and Development Department, Planning Department, Production Department, Emulsion Department, Products Department, Quality Control Department, Logistics Department, Technological Services Department, Purchasing Department, Financial Department, Personnel and Administrative Department, etc. and has more than two hundreds of well-trained and on-duty staff and high quality management team.

To accumulate power with strength and strive to progress for the hope! Mestract staff will create values for customers and create the beauty for the world with outstanding services and unremitting efforts, and work hard to carry out the grand target of creating world-class excellent cosmetics factory.

Speech Delivered by President

Hello, everyone!

 Guangzhou BAOYAN Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, in past seven years,  and BAOYAN guaranteed the quality of products and operated with sincerity and good faith, and laid the foundation for the rich accumulation and development of Guangzhou Mestract Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.

 Mestract established professional research and development center, there are more than 30 researchers in the research and development center with skincare, facial mask, flavors, skin-nourishing by Traditional Chinese Medicine, who are constantly making great efforts to develop new types of products, and Mestract is not stingy in increasing the investment, and we unswervingly adhere to the technological leading power as the base, and to produce high quality products to increase the competitiveness in future.

 Today,Mestract is striving for implementing the corporate philosophy--- “ Creating the Beauty for the World. To manage factory with attitude of creating brands and to create brands with six-star standard, extend the brand value of customers, establish the new model and standard in beauty and cosmetics industry, and create world-class excellent  factory  of cosmetics dream.

Mestract is looking forward to progressing with everyone by mutual supports on the road of success, thank you!

Prospects of Company

Company’s Aim

To provide customers with product processing and services with high quality and extra-value , and to more comprehensively decorate and change the life of more consumers in more places through China.

Meanwhile, we can obtain more and quality ideas, and provide better services for our customers and staff, and further prosper the society where we live and work.

Company’s Values

We stick to  “Operation with Good Faith, Pursuit for Excellence, Scientific and Technological Innovation, People-Oriented” as the core values of the company.

Operation with Good Faith
Operation with Good Faith
Operation with Good Faith
Integrity management
We are always making great efforts to do the correct things.
We are honest and straightforward to all people.
Our business operation strictly abide by the stipulations and the spirit of connotation in legal letters.
We always adhere to the aims and values of company when we take any action and make every decision.
We will always stick to the proofs according to the facts and correctly evaluate and recognize the risks while proposing suggestions.
Scientific & Technological Innovation
Scientific & Technological Innovation
Scientific & Technological Innovation
Technological Innovation
We decide to realize the forefront of scientific and technological research in the industry.
We will not satisfy with the current situations, and constantly seek for the innovation and breakthrough.
We have strong desire to continuously improve ourselves, and gradually win the market.
The Pursuit for Excellence
The Pursuit for Excellence
The Pursuit for Excellence
The pursuit of excellence
We are the leader in the ranges of our own duties and responsibilities, assiduously make remarkable achievement in our own posts.
We have clearly realized the prospect of our jobs.
We will collect various resources to implement the policies set forth by company and achieve the target the company established.
We constantly develop our own potential of job and overcome the barriers of work and accomplish the strategy of company.
People Oriented
People Oriented
People Oriented
People Oriented
We are doing our best to fully learn about the markets and demands of customers.
We help customer create and provide the first-class products and packaging, and establish the image of successful brands.
We will be proud of the achievements made by adopting the suggestions and methods others provided.
We will establish sincere friendship with the customers, suppliers and governments who made great contributions to realize the company’s aims.

Long-term Target and Promises of the Company

The Long-term Target of the Company

Becoming and Being widely Recognized as the World Excellent Cosmetics Manufacturer.

The Promises Made by the Company

To manage factory with attitude of creating brands, and to create brands with six-star standards.

To improve the current and future life, Mestract staff will do their utmost to safeguard our customers’ brands and honour the promise we made for consumers: Creating the Beauty for the World.

Talents Fostering

We will attract and recruit the excellent and professional talents in the industry. We will implement the organizational system of developing from inside to select, promote and encourage the staff who performed remarkably. We firmly believe that all staff in Mestract are the most valuable wealth of company in all time.

To respect every staff, and to encourage and help staff achieve higher aspiration and standard.

To trust every staff, and to trust mutually to enable staff to have the best work performance.

To cherish every staff, and to encourage and expect all staff to master outstanding and professional knowledge and experienced working skills.

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