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Come close to Mestract, what does the GMPC cosmetics laboratory possessed by Mestract looks like?


What’s the GMP?

GMPC is originated from GMP 

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) was originally promulgated by the Congress of USA to standardize the medicines production in 1963. Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics (GMPC) includes quality systems, purchasing, production, sub-contracting production and quality management, etc. five parts. 

Therefore, the question is what the mysterious GMPC laboratory of Mestract looks like? Do not worry about it, the Mestract girls will show you around.  

GMPC certificate issued by Intertek according to the GMPC requirements by USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

Certificate issued by Intertek according to the requirement of ISO 22716:2007 (E) of European Union. 

Guangzhou Mestract Bio-Tech Co., Ltd is located in Nanpu Village, Shiji Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou, the center of Panyu District, there are 7 kilometers distance to Lianhua Port, directly connected to Kowloon, Hong Kong by water in the East; linked with location of Panyu District Government in the West; there are 13 kilometers to downtown of Guangzhou in the North; there are 36 kilometers to Nansha Port in the South. The transportation is convenient, the natural conditions are favorable, unique and exclusive, the land is rich and fertile, the produces are abundant, it is always the golden belt for the economic development in Pearl River Delta, and one of the most prosperous economic areas in Panyu district. 

After entering into the scientific research and production area, you will find out that all scientific researchers and workers in workshops are whole worn in white clothes, which are to keep the cleanness, you have to know that the GMPC laboratory has extremely strict requirements for sanitary conditions. 

For example, the design structure of laboratory must be conformed with certain requirements, the design structure must be reasonable to avoid the cross-contamination and has to be equipped with good facilities for washing and toilets. In terms of sanitary control, Mestract’s laboratory specially and strictly implemented the cleaning and disinfecting work for laboratory space, equipment and experimental vessels and tools, and formulated and implemented the control plan for harmful insects and pests to enable the laboratory to have no animals or harmful insects. 

The R & D team in Mestract has been established with senior and experienced high-quality engineers with doctorate, post-graduate, college and university degrees, integrated with R & D institutions in the various fields of medicine, dermatology, biological science and technology, etc., and simultaneously established long-term and close cooperation with domestic famous universities to ensure its leading level in the R & D field of cosmetics. 

GMPC laboratory in Mestract totally has 44 types of large-scale testing devices and various types of small testing equipment to ensure the products to be professionally tested and quality to be controlled step by step: 

all test items have been carried out before production.  

Before officially being put into production, the products must be brought here - Stability Evaluation Center to conduct various tests for the raw materials or finished products. 


Basic physical and chemical analysis

The Center has several laboratories to test and analyze all items indexes one by one. The first one is physicochemical analysis center to test normal data. 

In this basic physical and chemical analysis room, there are Texture Analyzer, Viscosimeter, pH value Tester, Conductivity Tester, Centrifuge and Refractometer, etc. sophisticated equipment which are used to test the physicochemical indexes of products; these devices are normal from outside appearance, the technology and quality of these devices represent the highest level in the industry inside! ( Non-professional people can ignore this part, of course, if you are expert in the industry, Mestract girls believe that you can recognize the importance and value of these devices).   


Name:  Texture analyzer                                   

Brand:  U.S.A Brookfield

Model: CT3

Name:  Viscometer  

Brand:  U.S.A Brookfield

Model: DV-S



Bacterial and fungal analysis

Microorganism Testing Center is set up to mainly test bacteria and mycetes. The microorganisms tests of products manufactured by MESTRACT have been conducted for three times which lasted for three days from raw materials and finished products, only after all test items are qualified completely, the products can be packed and delivered from warehouse (note: these three tests have been done for microorganism tests of raw materials, bulk product before filling, and packing materials)  


Anti - corrosion stability test

Challenging Experimental Center is set up for mainly testing preservatives, and culturing the destructive bacteria and anti-viruses products, and observing the quality of product if they can maintain their stability. 

 Clinical Tests 

Regarding the hi-tech and intelligentized test of skin, VISIA skin tester produced by Canfield from USA and CK skin tester from Germany. These two skin testers are, at present, the most sophisticated skin analysis systems in the world. 

VISIA skin tester has world-class technological advantages in terms of quantitative analysis, type analysis, clinical evaluation, and age simulation, etc. of skin analysis. 

CK skin tester from Germany can test most parameters on surface of skin, and has become the standard device in the process of function and effect assessment and duplication and diagnosis of skin for cosmetics, drugs and raw materials, representing the most sophisticated skin tester and have been widely used in many developed countries and have been popularized to developing countries. 

Production process quality control


Strict control of solvent components exceeded

The Air Chromatographic Instrument used by Mestract is the latest type of Agilent introduced from USA, it can extremely and accurately analyze the ingredients of products, which is mainly used to test if there are residues of solvent ingredients in products and avoid the over standard of related ingredients in skincare products.


Strict control hormone composition

Extra high-voltage-resistant and high-effective liquid chromatographic instrument produced by Hitachi from Japan, it mainly applies to test the hormonic ingredients in skincare products, and to ensure the raw materials and finished products manufactured by Mestract to conform with the national standards. 


Strict control of heavy metal components

Atomic Fluorescence Photometer with 100000 grade is mainly applied to test the content of heavy metals in products, this device can be used in the food and medical industries, the standard is very strict, the content of heavy metals in products can be strictly controlled by the device.

 To ensure the perfect connection of research and development and production technology: 

The vacuum emulsification device imported originally from Japan for middle trial has extra-precision, extra-advanced and technical memory module and intelligentized operation, which are leading and advanced technology earlier than several ten years of domestic one, the normal distribution of particle diameter for cream is smaller (the important index of the evenness of particle diameters). Compared with the cream produced by this equipment with that produced by domestic and normal equipment, there are great differences in appearance, tactility, stability and function and effect. The most important advantage is equipped with technical memory module, which can be perfectly connected with the MIZUHO vacuum emulsification device used in emulsification and manufacturing workshop.

Three-year Source-tracking Mechanism was established after manufacturing of products

For the products delivered from the factory of Mestract samples of each batch have been kept for three years for observation to guarantee the quality and traceability of source, and equipped the intensive cabinets controlled by computer. Regarding the management of sample products kept, there are three areas which are raw materials area, semi-finished products area and finished product area, each step of products process and raw materials and products of each batch have been observed to ensure the implementation of source-tracking mechanism of products. 

Written in the back

“Becoming and Being widely Recognized as the World Excellent Cosmetics Manufacturer is the long-term prospect target of Mestract, not just being mentioned, and the Mestract people are carrying out the philosophy for development -  To manage factory with attitude of creating brands and to create brands with six-star standard. We continue to produce high quality products with the passion originated from spirits of perseverance, and also from the extreme pursuit for details. Mestract girls believe that Mestract will become more beautiful and the world will also get more beautiful!