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Close to Mestract: The Mestract 's girls will show you around the factory of Mestract in depth (the most detailed tour)


Since the opening of Guangzhou Beauty Fair in March 2017 to the ending and up to now, Mestract’s girls continuously received many messages left by Mestract’s fans online, which greatly moved the Mestract’s girls, and would like to know how to do to not only meet the desire of “ Visiting Factory” by Mestract's fans, but also NOT to spend their too much time? 

So the Mestract’s girls would like to use the developed and convenient network, and make everyone to visit the Mestract like in the real factory by public account of WeChat with illustrations of pictures and words explanation through the pictures of real landscapes with the asides of Mestract’s girls. 

Ok, lets go!

Visitor Route

Hello, everyone! Welcome to visit Guangzhou Mestract Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.! I am Mestract’s girl for receiving you, and hope the explanation and guide services the Mestract’s girls provided can make you satisfied during the visit. 

Mestract  lobby

Guangzhou  Mestract  Bio-Tech  Co., Ltd  is the globalized positioning cosmetics OEM/ODM services manufacturer which integrated the search and development of raw materials, development of formula, production and processing with complete set of services as a whole.  

Guangzhou Mestract Bio-Tech Co., Ltd was established according to international standards by Guangzhou BAOYAN Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. in 2015 with huge investment on basis of operational ideas “ Pursuit of Excellence, Following the Health, Achieving Beauty”, and the good public praises in the industry and outstanding reputation on market obtained through the unremitting efforts made for 10 years in the industry, and made comprehensive upgrading in equipment investment, research and development of products, quality management and control, production and services, marketing services, etc. aspects while following up the high quality products services and the grand prospect of “ Creating Beauty for the World”.  

The mission of Mestract is  Creating Beauty for the World. 

       The mission of Mestract is  Creating Beauty for the World 

Our company has 27 production lines for skincare products and 6 production lines for colorful makeup. 

We have obtained the GMPC certification, and passed the inspection and examination of manufacturer by watsons. 

Mestract followed up the ideas of “Operation with Sincerity and Credit, Quality Established Brand, Services Achieved Brand” and provided one-stop services for customers, and our philosophy is to meticulously manufacture products, and provide services with heart. 

Visiting the entrance

Next, we will go to visit technology/quality control central area in the same floor, and you are kindly requested to conduct the standardized operation according to the Sanitary and Clean requirements by Mestract. 

Why does the clothes, shoes and hats has to be changed and worn? 

Because it is clean area inside our production area, where the ingredients of products can be in contact with, and there is high requirements for sanitary degrees. Our air purification can reach to 100,000 grade, higher than that of 300,000 grade standard for clean area of eye products and children products stipulated by national standards. To guarantee the lasting sanitary grade of clean area, we have to begin to control it outside of clean area so as to ensure the sanitary degree of clean area in workshop. 

First Stop: Quality Control Center 

Quality Control Center is divided into physicochemical analysis center, microorganism testing center, antiseptic challenging testing center, sample tracking management center, stability evaluation center etc. five parts, and from the professional names, you can judge that this is a department which respects scientific data, these professional data can be provided by sophisticated devices imported by Mestract with huge capital. 

This equipment is latest type 7820A Air Chromatographic Instrument produced by Agilent Technology Inc. one of the world top 500 enterprises invested by USA, with global first sales rank. It has the GC devices keyboard which followed the advanced GC technology and high quality accuracy by Agilent, the display screen can provide serial information, device conditions, and operational state, etc. iInformation. The device has convenient operation, and applies to normal analysis, and can constantly provide accurate analysis results. 

This is high-effective liquid chromatographic instrument produced by Hitachi, a Japanese-invested enterprise, high-effective liquid chromatographic instrument - Primaide pursues for reliability and durability, and can ensure the long and stable application, and can provide the powerful support in daily analysis works. It mainly applies to the content test of sex hormone, preservatives, antibiotics in cosmetics. 


This is Atomic Fluorescence Photometer produced by Beijing Titan Instruments Co., Ltd. which is manufacturer specializing in research and development and manufacturing of fluorescence instruments with largest scale and most influential power. The atomic fluorescence photometer is mainly applied to content analysis of heavy metals in food factories, pharmaceutical factories, cosmetics factories, high-education universities and research institutions, etc. 

This is the CT3 Texture Analyzer produced by Brookfield, USA. Three Texture Analyzers have been equipped in our company. Brookfield Texture Analyzer was developed on basis of successful physical research experiences for several tens of years and benefited from the great feedback and supports of texture application cases by the vast customers worldwide, which is the most sophisticated and professional texture analysis instruments at present. Its main application is to analyze the hardness, frangibility, viscosity, elasticity, etc. various physical indexes. The instrument we used is mainly to test the products with high viscosity to guarantee the skin touch and texture of each batch of semi-finished products in the standard range.

 In this aspect of testing the weighing of raw materials and semi-finished products, we have introduced the international leading analytical balance from Swiss Mettler-Toledo with accuracy of 0.001%. Regardless of simple daily operation, or the complicated weighing procedures, Mettler-Toledo analytical balance can have the outstanding property and sensibility perfectly combined together with the high-definition weighing technology (HRT) from Switzerland to keep the accuracy in the whole weighing range and to guarantee the accuracy of testing works. 

WRS-3 Fully-automated Melting Points Testing Instrument produced by Shanghai Instruments and Electronics Holding Group, is device representing the leading technology at home and abroad, which can control temperatures by introducing the PID (automatic control of temperature) technology, it mainly applies to test the melting points of solid and crystal raw materials so as to enable to confirm the purity which can conform with national standards and internal controlled standard set forth by company. 

Second stop:Research and Development Center


This is combined laboratory, which is used for the cooperation and research with external research institutions; the special laboratory is set up for special projects, which is mainly used for some strategic and basic research and technological breakthrough, and also used for the VIP customers to customize their products. 

Three-roller Grinder imported originally from Germany has high-level device for wet powder treatment, and extra sophisticated structure and can make raw materials finer and close to skin. The diameter of powder particles ground has normal tolerance less than 0.05microns, the cream is closer to skin and of no unstable colors, compared with the same product from other brands, its normal tolerance is up to 0.1 to 0.2 microns. The data can be directly realized in application and stability. 


Puri Meeks Mixer 

Many people have no scientific concept for mixer, in fact, it is not. Mestract paid more attention to the compatibility between the devices and equipment, our mixing and dispersion machine is considered to have compatibility with indexes for the equipment of middle trial, final trial and final production, and keep the cream in initial trial is possibly close to that in middle trial, final trial and final production phases. 


Puri Meeks Homogenizer 

This is also one kind of sophisticated emulsifier in the industry, which can match with high-level facilities in following production by Mestract, and make the diameter of particles with excellent and normal distribution state (normal tolerance is less than 0.05microns).  

Third stop:Application Center 

It is our application technology center here, the main work is to testify the formula developed, embody the techniques and program the intelligentized production process, and transformation and application of technology introduced by foreign cooperation, and the redevelopment of current technology, etc. One extremely authoritative application machine have to be mentioned.  


The MIZUHO vacuum emulsification device imported originally from Japan is developed specially for experimental use and middle trial. It has extra-high precision and technical memory module and intelligentized operation, which are leading and advanced technology earlier than several ten years of domestic one. Compared with the cream produced by this equipment with that produced by domestic and normal equipment, there are great differences in appearance, tactility, stability and function and effect. The most important advantage is equipped with technical memory module, which can be perfectly connected with the MIZUHO vacuum emulsification device used in emulsification and manufacturing workshop. 

After introducing these equipment, everybody can find one common point that we paid great attention to the compatibility and connection of devices and equipment at different phases, for example, we selected the raw materials by using the air and liquid chromatography and atomic spectrometer; our mixer, homogenizer and grinder and middle trial pot were connected by combining with our electronic microscope for diameter of particles analysis, and the great attentions are paid to the systematic connection with the following emulsification pots for final production use, which produced the results with one plus one exceeds two; various devices with famous brands are installed together without compatibility and connections. 

Fourth stop:Evaluation and Testing Center

PEC Center is the module, which is used to evaluate the functions and effects of products by using the devices, and now there are two professional devices, one is CK skin tester imported from Germany, which has moisture, moisture loss rate of skin, oil, elasticity, pH value, friction, etc. six probes, and can evaluate the anti-aging, moisturizing, recovering, moisture-replenishing, oil-control, etc. various functions and effects. This is a professional and essential device for skin research internationally recognized. 

Another is VISIA facial image analyzer imported from USA, it can get data of pictures in deep layer of skin by taking photos of skin from different light sources, and analyze and judge the functions and effects of products by combining with professional software, testing items includes pore, wrinkles, brightness, erythema, etc. almost data. This is also a professional and essential device for skin research internationally recognized.

Did everyone see the control box at the entrance? That is the air control system in PEC center, because all tests must be completed under standard conditions of permanent temperatures and humidity, the data can be objective. Generally, the pre-treatment must be done in buffer chamber by our engineers and the more than half hour will be kept in waiting room to ensure the state can be stable and even to be tested, we will obtain the data at different time stage for testing moisturizing and oil-control, etc. items, which will be kept in PEC center for several hours. Mestract is willing to invest big amount of capital and spend more time on the research of projects. 

One million Yuan has been invested into PEC testing and evaluation center just for hardware, whats more, we have spent high testing expenses for daily volunteers. To provide more convincing and stricter data and image proof, Mestract is greatly willing to spend more money for the investment. 

Fifth Stop: Automated Information Emulsification Workshop 

Before officially entering into emulsification workshop, please everyone pays attention to the details of our production environment, first, the screen panel to our entrance was produced according to the international GMPC standard to prevent the entrance of mosquito, insects, mouse and ants; second, our technicians has exclusive channels to enter the production area, and must wear the disinfected and complete garment and pass the air shower, etc. disinfecting steps; the third, we have the upper wall, lower wall and corner end designed in arc to enable the dead corner to be cleaned; the fourth, our wall board are glass magnesium oxidized board with excellent fireproof performance which equals to the fireproof performance of reinforced concrete. 

The factory strictly built the cosmetics manufacturing workshop according to the GMPC standards, and has internationally advanced production equipment and first-class production environment, and completely closed production workshop equipped with high clean grade air purifying system and the production and operation environment can reach the purifying standard of 100,000 grade.   

Automated information emulsification workshop: there is the information system that MESTRACT designed and developed by themselves, the operational situation of current production equipment can be monitored and regulated on real time by planning department, the production process can be traced and recorded, the operation and regulation of equipment can be adjusted on real time.  

We have the production capacity of emulsifying and manufacturing 50 tons per day, two sets of Japan MIZUHO vacuum emulsification pot machines with 350kg volume, nine sets of PLC automated control vacuum emulsification machines, and established CPI automated cleaning systems, and can ensure the equipment and tools effectively disinfected and cleaned. 


The water used in our cosmetics products were produced by sanitary fully-automated extra-pure water treatment facilities, which has automated cleaning function, automated monitoring function, the conductivity of extra-pure water is lower to 0.06μs/cm(generally the water conductivity of the same industry is 4-5μs/cm). 

Sixth Stop:Automated Filling Workshop on Second Floor

Filling and Packing production workshops are set up in second and third floors. The main function of workshops in second floor is to  produce the facial mask products or special products with arts and crafts, there are four production lines in second floors, the cleanness of filling workshop can reach 100,000 grades. Daily output can reach up to 120,000 boxes of products. 

Seventh Stop: Automated Packing Workshop On Third Floor

Sixteen production lines are set up on third floor, packing workshop occupies an area of 800 square meters, and there are 12 sets of automated film-wrapping machines, automated packing and carton-sealing machines, automatic inductive weighing machine, inkjet printer, etc. equipment, they can effectively improve the production output, there are quality inspectors who will carry out the comprehensive inspection on production line for each process to prevent the occurrence of defective products. The people flow and materials flow in workshop, the sanitation control for materials area and storage and transportation requirements for wall and land distance have been controlled according to the requirements by GMPC. 

There are six sets of filling machines installed in filling workshop with daily output of 200,000 pieces; linear and automatic filling and cap-screwing machine with daily output of 40,000 bottles, and there are thirty sets of filling machines for facial mask with daily output of 300,000 sheets of facial mask. Total output of all filling equipment can reach up to 400,000 boxes per day, and the air cleanness degree can reach up to 100,000 grade purifying standard. The clean and tidy operational space is the guarantee of product quality. 

Eighth Stop: Display Room 

This area is display hall for products, which has upper and lower floors with duplex structure and its area is nearly 300 square meters, which can display more than one thousand of products.  

Time passed quickly, Mestract girl is very pleased to accompany you to spend the one and half hours (the time for visit will take 1.5 hours or so). Mestract girls explanation can make you clearly learn about the factory of Mestract, please be assured, as long as you give your trust to Mestract, the excellent and high quality product can Mestract provide you with. Welcome you to continue to pay close attention to Mestract.